At IITHouse through our innovative solutions and services, we can help you to face new challenges and improve your business and reduce your operation risks and issues. Our solutions are powered by latest technologies and can transform your operation performance.

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Telecom Solutions

Due to the developing roles of telecommunication in people’s lives and its increasing importance, this industry currently is experiencing considerable changes in business environment. Most Telecom providers face challenges such as quality and performance improvements and operation costs. At IITHouse through our innovative solutions and services, we can help your business to face these challenges and improve your business services and reduce your operation risks and issues. Our solutions are powered by latest technologies and can transform your operation performance.

Online Charging Solution (OCS)

Our Online Charging System (OCS) is a comprehensive charging platform that helps fixed, Mobile, and Data telecom network carriers to charge Voice, Data, and Multimedia services in real-time. The OCS system helps telecom network carriers to conform to the complicated operation environment, new services, different cooperators, and detailed customer types. This system supports both online and offline charging models. This architecture gives the customer flexibility to switch to appropriate model in case of failure in system e.g., shifting to offline mode.

Key Benefits

Enriched subscriber experience: An OCS system will allow your customers to access their accounts from a variety of mobile devices. Subscribers can access rates and charges and manage their account in real-time with an OCS. Investing in an OCS will therefore improve the overall quality of service and will enrich customer experience.

Real-time service charge: Waiting until after a service is rendered to charge for data usage could result in a big revenue loss for your company as some customers might not pay their bills. Streamline the billing collection process by charging your subscribers as they access the information you provide.

Increasing market share and relevance: One of the only ways to expand your business as a service provider is to offer new and enticing services for your customers. Achieve this with the flexible and efficient billing service of an OCS. This will increase market share and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Customization to meet customer’s needs: By determining the request of each customer, we can easily adapt our solution to their requirements.

Flexible Charging mode: Supporting Event-based and Session-based

Integrated Charging capability: GSM,CDMA, TDMA, SIP & NGM networks

What We Offer

  • Online Charging
  • Billing Support
  • Prepaid & Postpaid
  • Real time Charging
  • CRM Integration
  • Compatible with GSM,CDMA, TDMA,SIP & NGM networks

Key Features

  • Online & Offline Data Collection
  • Service Packet / Subscriber Authentication/Authorization
  • Online/Offline Rating and Charging
  • Session/Event base services Support
  • Flexible Tariff Policies
  • Accumulative Calculation
  • Bill Management
  • Credit/Dunning Control
  • Pre/Post/Hybrid Payment Type
  • Payment Gateways/Account Receivable
  • Unified Product Catalog
  • Report Generation

Top Up

One of the major sources of income for mobile operators to their pre-paid customer is selling new services and product because of low-cost SIM.

Our system allows brokers to purchase e-credit and Data packages via various payment mechanisms and through various channels such as WEB, USSD, SMS, IVR. Different access levels are provided so that operators and dealers can easily control their users and agents over prepaid recharge and Data marketing cycle and also to check their credits. Preparing various reports related to financial transactions and user’s foot-print depending on different purposes is possible as well.

Our Top-Up system also can integrate seamlessly with other internal and external systems such as Billing & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system through world-class standard protocols.

Key Benefits

  • High Availability
  • Full Distribution Cycle Support
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Reduced Technical Complexities
  • Short Time to Market
  • Scalability & Modularity

What We Offer

  • Voucher Management
  • Dealer Management
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Finance Management

Key Features

  • Various Distribution Channels Support
  • Fully Customizable
  • API-based Integration
  • Dealer Activity Monitoring
  • Dealer Financial Management

Digital Service Delivery Platform & Services (DSDP)

Due to the changes in customer service expectations, the requirements for high-availability and higher quality services and faster communication has become a major challenge. Therefore, we have provided a platform for delivering value-added services (SDP) with the focus on business operations to be able to have real-time communication with their customers. By using various ports, “IP connectivity to business software” and “Quick access to mobile phones” without the need for Internet connection, a wider range of networks and terminals are covered and mobile operators will be able to offer different value-added services. This provides businesses to offer their customers with new services which resulting in new revenue generation streams.

Our Digital Service Delivery Platform (SDP), thanks to its various portals  and content-oriented technologies, including; USSD, SMS, Web, as well as the possibility of connecting to other Apps and systems through API-based integration, supports delivering numerous business services. Each client can access to a personal exclusive web page and easily change the tree and the process.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability & Modularity
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Single Point of Entry
  • E2E Service Delivery Lifecycle

What We Offer

  • Standardized Mobile Value-Added Services (MVAS). Games, Tourism, IVR-based Services, Content Subscriptions, Video, etc.
  • Service Catalog Management
  • Service Orchestration
  • Gateway Management
  • Billing & Accounting
  • Reporting & Monitoring

Key Features

  • API Gateway (Rest, SOAP, UAP)
  • Multi-Channel Support (SMS, USSD GW, IVR, Web/WAP)
  • Multiple Content Providers/Partners
  • Centralized Content Management & Delivery Platform
  • Real-time, Automated Reporting
  • Micro-Services Based Architecture
  • GUI Service Definition

Oracle Solutions

Since 2005 IIThouse mission has been to help businesses achieve high business profitability and improve customer experience through providing the best possible solutions. Due to our partnership with Oracle, in IIThouse we provide professional oracle solutions and services with highly specialized experts to help you fully meet your business requirements.

Siebel CRM

Our Oracle Siebel CRM Solutions Offer a

Full Spectrum of Implementation Services & Upgrades

The world’s leading organizations use Siebel CRM to achieve their digital transformation goals. Siebel CRM is a key component of Oracle’s CX product suite, with a rich product roadmap. Siebel CRM is a mission-critical platform that can handle together both front and back office and master signals from your customers in real-time and put your company ahead of your competitors.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Commerce
  • Contact Center
  • Loyalty
  • Insight
  • Mobility
  • Social

What We Offer

IITHouse is an official Oracle Gold Partner providing expertise in custom Siebel CRM solutions. We provide:

  • Business Analysis
  • Siebel CRM Consulting & Support
  • Siebel CRM Administration & Application Support
  • Siebel CRM Configuration
  • Siebel CRM Customizations
  • Siebel CRM Integration
  • Siebel CRM Implementation
  • Siebel CRM Training

Key Benefits

  • World Leading CRM
  • Seamless Customer Driven Innovations
  • Great Customized User Experience
  • Worth the Investment & Quick ROI
  • Reliable Customer Success Stories

Oracle Cloud

With increased importance of cloud services and advent of new technologies, many businesses small or large are planning to move and migrate their operations over cloud service providers. This is a key milestone in technology trends as companies do not have to worry about the complexity of their systems, software & data security and maintenance. This enables businesses to focus on their key and core business functions. Businesses which have moved to cloud are gaining major benefits such as Scalability, agility and rapid deployment. Here at IITHouse we can accelerate your business growth through our comprehensive cloud solutions. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and grow through digital transformation. Our Team can help you find the right cloud development solution to enable your company to operate entirely and confidently in the digital space.

What We Offer

Cloud Consulting & Training Services

Our expert cloud services team with many years of hands-on experience is able to provide professional consulting services from planning, designing, integration to implementation. We also have processes, platforms and rich materials to train your team. We are with you every step of the way through the whole process to ensure successful transition.

Cloud Infrastructure & Implementation Services

We have many success stories implementing cloud services for major clients. Our implementation strategy can address client’s unique business objectives opportunities and challenges.

Cloud Migration & Integration Services

We work closely with client’s IT & Managed services team to migrate their applications and infrastructure to the cloud. We have an established, efficient process, taken into account due diligence.  We will make sure that system downtime is low and ensure client’s data integrity and security. We opt for parallel and automated migration methods. We plan, analyze, design and implement comprehensive migration strategy when transitioning client’s applications, data & infrastructure to the cloud. Some of our services include:

Security Strategy Creation

Large Databases Migration

Application Re-hosting

Application Re-architecting

Cloud Application Services

  • Development

–Cloud Native Development

Cloud resources optimization process in multiple levels allows building cloud-native methodologies such as micro services, domain-driven design, behavior-driven design, etc.


–Cloud Hybrid Development

By combining public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises resources, our Hybrid cloud solution enables communication between each distinct service. This strategy provides businesses with cost effective strategy with greater flexibility by moving workloads between cloud solutions as required.


Our team provides cost effective, full & seamless cloud support services. We take care of your infrastructure and application maintenance through our established support system. We evaluate & analyze client’s existing cloud infrastructure and identify under/over-provisioning resources through extensive Audits:

Architecture Audit

Security Audit

Cost Optimization

Legacy Infrastructure Upgrade

Backup & Recovery

Through our disaster recovery plan and extensive back up strategy, we ensure safety & security of your application and data. We ensure that mission-critical information continue to function in crisis and your data can be restored properly and efficiently.


To ensure performance, efficiency, security, privacy and confidentiality of client’s data, applications and network infrastructure, we can implement software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Pay-as-you-go for services such as storage, networking.

PaaS: hardware and software tools available over the internet.

SaaS: software that’s available over the internet.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Data Back-Up & Restore
  • Continuity of Service
  • Reliability & Mobility
  • High Storage Capacity
  • Rapid Software Integration
  • Advanced Security
  • Web-Based Control & Interfaces
  • High Availability
  • Quick Deployment

Oracle DBMS

Innovative Database Management Solutions


We have a dedicated team of database experts with many years of hands-on experience in handling Oracle Database services. As clients seek to reduce operational costs while retaining their rank with competitors, it becomes even more critical to hire a reliable database services provider to manage all database related work.

What We Offer

Database Installation, Configuration and Upgrades

IITHouse has proven track records and references of successful installation and configuration of business-critical databases on both traditional hardware and Oracle Engineered Systems. The IITHouse Migration services team will carry out database upgrades and migrations, using optimal migration/upgrade paths for a smooth transition from any legacy platform to modern Oracle architecture.

Database Performance Review and Tuning

Performance tuning minimizes and eliminates database performance bottlenecks. It unleashes great benefits. Improves your customer experience and reduces overall cost of database operations. This will result in businesses to focus on their core business function. Our database tuning experts quickly identify performance bottlenecks and root causes of performance issues.

High-availability Backup and Recovery

Oracle provides powerful technologies, tools and features to secure your data & database. IITHouse has a long record of successfully designing and implementing highly available architectures based on technologies such as Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Recovery Manager and GoldenGate. We ensure that your data is always safe and secure through our backup & disaster recovery plan.

Database Security

Security issues resulting from insecure database architecture can adversely affect your business, jeopardizes your brand and resulting in lost revenue. At IITHouse we provide your business with a complete Oracle Security Assessment to resolve any immediate or future failures, issues & risks. Our Security services help secure data through encryption, authentication, authorization, access-control and data-masking.