IT Consulting & Outsourcing

We can support your business through the full lifecycle of software solutions (from design to development and also maintenance and support phase) by a highly trained and dedicated team.

When you consult with us, we analyze your companies’ issues/challenges and new requirements and after careful and thorough analysis we will provide you with best and most affordable technological solutions. We are with you every step of the way from consulting, business requirements definition, design and development, testing, implementation and post-delivery maintenance and support. We are sure that our innovative solutions and services can put you ahead of your competitors.

What We Offer

Web-Based Systems & Applications Development: Customized and adaptive web application / portal

Mobile Applications Development: We design, engineer and deliver highly interactive and user-friendly mobile applications to redefine the user experience.

Support & Maintenance: We offer you a full range of basic to advanced support and maintenance services.

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated offshore developers
  • We provide you with resource outsourcing
  • Cost reduction, Improve confidentiality
  • Access to the talent pool and latest technologies
  • Exact match of our skills with your needs
  • synchronized working hours with your time zone
  • Full intellectual property rights protection.
  • Lowering business operation costs that directly affects business bottom-lines
  • Business focus on their core functions rather than venturing into complex IT business areas
  • More effective management of your resources
  • Access to more IT expertise and resources
  • Lowering risks, fresh prospective, external experts
  • Increased efficiency and productivity, faster delivery, access to qualitative solutions and services

1. Mobile Application Development

To improve your customers’ accessibility, we are able to design and develop mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms to serve your requirements. Our team will help through the whole processes from business requirements definition to rich and user-friendly UI interfaces to enhance customer experience. We are committed to deliver the best customer experience through delivering excellence in Android, iOS and cross-platform app development services.

What We Offer

  • Customized applications for iOS and Android
  • Full life cycle from Idea to delivery
  • UI/UX prototyping ,design, development and testing
  • Application Maintenance and post-warranty support

2. Web Application Development

We can deliver all types of enterprise software solutions from simple to complex n-tier, large scale and cross-platforms that are reliable and robust to modernize your legacy systems. Our solutions are customized and compatible with your existing platforms, servers, desktop and mobile applications. This will ensure that our customers focus on their core business and avoid investing capital on IT team building and the complexity of software development. We can serve wide range of industries including government agencies, universities, corporates, research institutes, large and small businesses, factories, start-ups, etc.

What We Offer

  • Professional Consulting Services
  • Tailored Solutions, based on your requirements
  • Progressive Development
  • Single Page Application Development
  • POC Development



Oracle | SQL Server | MySQL


Linux | Windows | Solaris

Development Tools

Java | VB | J2EE | Delphi | FoxPro

.Net framework | JBuilder | Angular JS


MySQL: MySQL Application Development

Our MySQL developers develop superior dynamic database-driven business applications leveraging Java and PHP. They have experience in delivering high-performance web & mobile apps.

Java: Java Web Application Development

BPJ Soft Solutions has a team of top Java Web Application Developers, who provide a wide-range of Java Web & Application Development Services. We offer bespoke Java solutions using technological advancements in J2EE and J2ME frameworks.


We deliver reliable .NET solutions that can be used based on the business goals and needs regardless of the business size. We provide full-cycle .NET development services by leveraging our expertise in the delivery of high-performance, process-oriented applications and software products for web, cloud, and mobile.

NET: ASP.NET Web Application Development

As a leading ASP.NET web application development company, we provide custom web and ecommerce solutions that leverage power-packed features and functionalities of ASP.NET technology. Our services include end-to-end ASP.NET web app development services with optimum quality and security.

PHP: PHP Website Development

We provide a wide-range of PHP Web & Application Development Services. Our customers can Benefit from our PHP development services and utilize the features of this structured open source scripting language for their business website.

AngularJS: AngularJS Application Development

Our company help businesses to leverage the power of JavaScript-based AngularJS framework by our experts and end-to-end AngularJS development services. Our AngularJS services is highly extensible, readable, and expressive to build customized website and mobile apps.

Managed Services

As telecom operators facing mounting infrastructural costs and continued competition, managing CAPEX & OPEX becomes crucial to sustain an effective business. That is why most companies adopt outsourcing model to overcome these challenges. This is a win-win model as telecom operators can gain economic value and lower their risks associated with their network operation.

To preserve benefits for telecom operators and minimizing their risks, At IITHouse we offer Cost effective Managed services solution with our highly experience team and our effective strategies. We have over 18 years of hands-on experience in this field working with major telecom operators.

What We Offer

  • Established managed services processes and best practices and key resources to deliver efficient support service
  • Clear and established SLAs & KPIs
  • Established project structure & organization
  • Continuous training for our resources: defined roles, commitment, Communication, collaboration, teamwork, professionalism, functional area

Key Benefits

  • Improved Vendor Management
  • Reducing Operational Risks & Costs
  • Financial Risk Sharing Associated with Network Operation
  • Focusing on Core Business Functions
  • Higher Service Availability
  • Ensuring Customer Support Reliability
  • Instant Access to Our Highly Trained Talents & Resources

Our Services

Support Services: Our support services can be customized based on the client requirements. This includes 24*7 monitoring services, field supports and service desk.

Business Operation: This customized service can fully meet clients business operating needs and includes business analysis, testing services, checking reports and data retrieval. In addition, we provide professional telecom Business operating and process managed services such as billing and revenue management, account receivable and debts collection (AR&DC), resource and inventory management, customer management, products and tariff management.

Application Management Services (AMS): Our cost effective AMS includes day to day applications monitoring, health check, troubleshooting and enhancement support.

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS): Our comprehensive IMS includes storage, network and back up management, operating system management, server management, and disaster recovery and data base administration.

Advanced Support Services: Our professional advance support services includes research and development, vendor management, DevOps, BSS/OSS transformation and business counseling.

Infrastructure Services

Businesses in order to run and operate more effectively and efficiently require to utilize proper technologies and comprehensive infrastructure to compete in today’s challenging market environment. Choosing proper technologies and infrastructure can ensure optimization of businesses processes and procedures. We help our clients to transform their business infrastructure to become more advanced, reliable and robust, by combining our understandings of industry insights with the application of our strategies and existing technologies. Our knowledge and experience in IT Infrastructure and Cloud technologies make us the best partner in many of our client’s digital transformation fields. We bring a wide range of robust, reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure services to serve our client’s needs.

What We Offer

Cloud IaaS Services based on OpenStack Platform

Cloud PaaS Services Based on OpenShift Platform

Enterprise package repositories for proprietary RPMs and Docker Images

AAA Services for Linux Systems

Enterprise Gluster & Ceph Storage Implementation Available As an On-Premises Service or SaaS Service.