Managed Services

Companies’ willingness to try more outsourcing solutions for non-core processes including IT functions have enormously increased due to the modern challenging business environment. Lots of businesses are adopting outsourcing model to overcome some professional and technical challenges while decreasing their risks and expenses.

At IITHouse we offer Cost effective Managed services solution with our highly experienced team and our effective strategies. We have extensive experience in this field working with a variety of companies in different sizes and industries.

What We Offer

  • Established managed services processes and best practices and key resources to deliver efficient support service
  • Clear and established SLAs & KPIs
  • Established project structure & organization
  • Continuous training for our resources: defined roles, commitment, Communication, collaboration, teamwork, professionalism, functional area

Key Benefits

  • Improved Vendor Management
  • Reducing Operational Risks & Costs
  • Financial Risk Sharing Associated with Network Operation
  • Focusing on Core Business Functions
  • Higher Service Availability
  • Ensuring Customer Support Reliability
  • Instant Access to Our Highly Trained Talents & Resources

Our Services

Support Services: Our support services can be customized based on the client requirements. This includes 24*7 monitoring services, field supports and service desk.

Business Operation: This customized service can fully meet clients business operating needs and includes business analysis, testing services, checking reports and data retrieval.

Application Management Services (AMS): Our cost effective AMS includes day to day applications monitoring, health check, troubleshooting and enhancement support.

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS): Our comprehensive IMS includes storage, network and back up management, operating system management, server management, and disaster recovery and data base administration.

Advanced Support Services: Our professional advance support services includes research and development, vendor management, DevOps and business counseling.