Infrastructure Services

Businesses in order to run and operate more effectively and efficiently require to utilize proper technologies and comprehensive infrastructure to compete in today’s challenging market environment. Choosing proper technologies and infrastructure can ensure optimization of businesses processes and procedures. We help our clients to transform their business infrastructure to become more advanced, reliable and robust, by combining our understandings of industry insights with the application of our strategies and existing technologies. Our knowledge and experience in IT Infrastructure and Cloud technologies make us the best partner in many of our client’s digital transformation fields. We bring a wide range of robust, reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure services to serve our client’s needs.

What We Offer

Cloud IaaS Services based on OpenStack Platform

Cloud PaaS Services Based on OpenShift Platform

Enterprise package repositories for proprietary RPMs and Docker Images

AAA Services for Linux Systems

Enterprise Gluster & Ceph Storage Implementation Available As an On-Premises Service or SaaS Service.