Oracle DBMS

Innovative Database Management Solutions


We have a dedicated team of database experts with many years of hands-on experience in handling Oracle Database services. As clients seek to reduce operational costs while retaining their rank with competitors, it becomes even more critical to hire a reliable database services provider to manage all database related work.

What We Offer

Database Installation, Configuration and Upgrades

IITHouse has proven track records and references of successful installation and configuration of business-critical databases on both traditional hardware and Oracle Engineered Systems. The IITHouse Migration services team will carry out database upgrades and migrations, using optimal migration/upgrade paths for a smooth transition from any legacy platform to modern Oracle architecture.

Database Performance Review and Tuning

Performance tuning minimizes and eliminates database performance bottlenecks. It unleashes great benefits. Improves your customer experience and reduces overall cost of database operations. This will result in businesses to focus on their core business function. Our database tuning experts quickly identify performance bottlenecks and root causes of performance issues.

High-availability Backup and Recovery

Oracle provides powerful technologies, tools and features to secure your data & database. IITHouse has a long record of successfully designing and implementing highly available architectures based on technologies such as Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Recovery Manager and GoldenGate. We ensure that your data is always safe and secure through our backup & disaster recovery plan.

Database Security

Security issues resulting from insecure database architecture can adversely affect your business, jeopardizes your brand and resulting in lost revenue. At IITHouse we provide your business with a complete Oracle Security Assessment to resolve any immediate or future failures, issues & risks. Our Security services help secure data through encryption, authentication, authorization, access-control and data-masking.